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The Efficacy and Value of Soybean Peptides

Oct. 29, 2020

Soy peptide powder is a source of high-quality protein. It contains a variety of biologically active peptides. Hydrolzed Soy Protein has a variety of physiological activities, including anti-oxidation, lowering blood pressure, lowering cholesterol, lowering blood fat, anti-fatigue, and enhancing immunity.

1. Enhance physical fitness

Soy peptides are absorbed by the intestinal tract much faster than protein and amino acids, and do not consume human energy. After taking soy peptides, the body can obtain a sufficient source of amino acids, which can quickly repair damaged muscles and eliminate fatigue. Supplementing soy peptides before and during exercise can reduce muscle protein degradation, maintain normal protein synthesis in the body, prevent muscle damage, and maintain lasting physical strength.

2. Improve immunity

Soy Peptides contain arginine and glutamic acid. Arginine can increase the size and health of the thymus, an important immune organ of the human body, and enhance immunity; when a large number of viruses invade the human body, glutamate can produce immune cells to fight off the virus.

3. Regulate blood pressure and blood lipids

Soy peptide has the effect of lowering blood fat and regulating blood pressure. The peptide extracted from soy protein has a good lipid-lowering effect, and it can hinder the absorption of cholesterol in the intestinal tract.

Soy Peptides

Soy Peptides

4. Inhibit blood sugar rise

Soy peptides have a slow inhibitory effect on α-glucosidase. α-Glucosidase is distributed on the intestinal microvilli. The role of High-Quality Soybean Peptides is to quickly break down sugars and supply glucose in the body. Therefore, when soybean peptides are mixed with other carbohydrates, sugars, etc., they are not affected by insulin secretion , Can play a good role in inhibiting the rise of blood sugar.

5. Delay aging

Soy peptide has the peroxidation effect of inhibiting free radicals, can accelerate the repair of damaged cells, delay cell senescence, maintain body vitality, reduce the occurrence of pigmentation, thereby preventing and delaying the appearance of age spots.

With the advancement of science and technology and the deepening of scientific research, the application and promotion of soybean active peptide industry and its products in the field of functional foods will surely get a higher level of rapid development.

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