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Fish Collagen Peptides you Don't Know

Nov. 10, 2020

1. What is a peptide?

A peptide is a compound in which two or more amino acids are connected by peptide bonds. Active peptides are called active peptides. Active protein peptides play a key role in the process of human growth and development, metabolism, disease, aging, and death. Active Peptides are the most important active substances in the human body because they are secreted in the body. The increase or decrease of the quantity will enable human beings to have a cycle of infancy, childhood, adulthood, old age and death.

Supplementing active peptides breaks this cycle of life, thus achieving the magical effect of effectively slowing down aging.

2. What is fish collagen peptide?

It is a small molecular oligopeptide with a relative molecular weight of 200-800 Dalton, which is prepared by enzymatic hydrolysis, separation, refining, and drying, using fish scales or fish skin as raw materials.

Fish Collagen Peptide not only has physiological regulation function, but also has high nutritional value. Its protein content is more than 90% and contains 19 kinds of amino acids. It is in line with people's pursuit of nutrition and health in the world today. It is very easy to be a small molecule protein peptide. It is absorbed and used by the human body without allergic reaction, and it can also promote the absorption of vitamins and minerals.

The fish collagen peptide powder provided by CPG is called CTP collagen tripeptide, because CTP collagen tripeptide is composed of special amino acids. It is composed of three specific amino acids: glycine, proline and hydroxyproline. Yes, the molecular weight is about 280D. The 280D CTP collagen tripeptide, the tripeptide content exceeds 50%, is currently known as the most efficient form of collagen.



3. the six functions of fish collagen peptide

1. Beauty

The moisture content in the stratum corneum of the skin is between 10% and 20%, and the skin will be dry if it is less than 10%. The loss of moisture makes the skin rough, loses its softness, elasticity and lubricity, resulting in wrinkles. Collagen peptides with a smaller molecular weight contain a large number of hydrophilic groups, which have good affinity with the skin, and can penetrate into the skin and enter the dermis to increase the moisture content of the skin and achieve the purpose of keeping the skin moisturized.

Collagen has a unique repair function and has a good affinity with surrounding tissues. The growth, repair and nutrition of the skin are inseparable from collagen. Collagen has good permeability, can be absorbed by the skin, and is filled between the skin matrix, so that the skin is plumped, wrinkles stretched, and skin elasticity is given.

Collagen is rich in tyrosine residues, which can inhibit tyrosinase activity, thereby inhibiting the production of melanin and achieving the purpose of whitening the skin.

2. Improve immunity

The body's immunity is related to some biological molecules called immunoglobulins. There are many ways to enhance immune function, and one of the effective ways is to combine immune protein with collagen. When this combination is completed, the human immune system will increase immunity by at least one hundred times. When the immune cells flow through the body with the blood, they will pass through the blood vessel wall and approach the foreign body. If this part contains a large amount of collagen, the immune cells will bind to the collagen in time to fight the foreign body. Then a series of immune function enhancement effects continue to occur. The overall enhancement of immune functions such as macrophages, lymphocytes, plasma cells and immunoglobulins will increase the body's resistance.

3. Prevent and improve osteoporosis

The characteristic amino acid hydroxyproline of collagen is a vehicle for transporting calcium from plasma to bone cells. The collagen in bone cells is a binder of calcium hydroxyphosphate. It and calcium hydroxyphosphate form the main body of the bone.

After people enter middle-aged and old age, the quality of collagen in the bones is getting worse and less, and the quantity is getting less and less, and it can't effectively bond all the calcium hydroxyphosphate together, and then osteoporosis will occur.

Collagen is like a net full of small holes in the bones, it will firmly retain the calcium that is about to be lost. Normal people will not lack calcium in their food. As long as they consume enough collagen, they can ensure the normal body's calcium intake. Therefore, the best way to maintain joint and bone health is to replenish collagen in time.

4. Maintain joint health

The human body can move freely because of the structure of joints. Most of the joints not only provide the needs of human movement, but also protect the bones from wear and tear through cartilage. Cartilage itself is a porous structure. Collagen is a net sheath formed by strips of thin and long fibers. Glycoprotein is a sphere with elasticity. Water fills it. These components must be complete to allow cartilage to load gravity. The reduction of protein will loosen the connection between glycoprotein and collagen, or reduce the content of glycoprotein, which will make glycoprotein no longer elastic, which will cause joints to become easily worn out when stressed.

Because cartilage does not contain nerves and blood vessels, the joints will not feel pain in the early stage of articular cartilage damage, and pain will only be caused after bone spurs are produced. Replenishing collagen as early as possible can effectively protect joints and improve joint health.

5. Lose weight

Collagen can lower blood triglycerides and cholesterol, and can increase certain essential trace elements that are lacking in the body, thereby maintaining it within a relatively normal range. It is an ideal food for weight loss and blood lipid reduction.

Weight loss needs to break down fat, and collagen peptides can activate the activity of lipase, so that this catabolic process can be enhanced and prolonged. Stop eating any food after dinner, take 250ml of liquid collagen before going to bed, and go to bed immediately after drinking. In this way, collagen can activate lipase and achieve the goal of weight loss. This function must be carried out in sleep state, so take collagen, sleep can lose weight.

6. Inhibit cancer cells

Collagen inhibits cancer cells in two ways. One is to improve human immunity to suppress cancer cells. One is to prevent the metastasis of cancer cells. When cancer cells want to metastasize to other organs, they will first move to the depths of the organs, penetrate the collagen tissues there to reach the blood vessels, further pass through the collagen tissues of the blood vessels, and then move to other organs along with the blood circulation. Location. Therefore, if the amount of collagen in organs containing cancer cells is sufficient and it is newly synthesized, collagen and this organ will form a strong defense wall in the deep layer, and it will be difficult for cancer cells to break through this defense line and metastasize. Therefore, immunoglobulin can further play a role in this situation, phagocytose cancer cells, and make the cancer gradually improve and improve.

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