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The Role of Fish Collagen

Jun. 01, 2021

Collagen Suppliers share with you about the role of fish collagen, hope it will be helpful for you

Improves immunity: Collagen is an important source of nutrition. It is rich in, especially amino acids that cannot be synthesized by the human body. Regularly supplementing collagen in appropriate amounts helps strengthen the functions of various tissues and organs and enhance the immunity of the body. For example, it can increase cell proliferation, consolidate the normal arrangement of the suture transverse layer of the cornea, strengthen the function of internal organs to protect the liver, activate liver cells, protect liver cells to promote insulin secretion, promote lactation, and inhibit cancer cell metastasis.

Fish Collagen

Fish Collagen

The umbrella of blood vessels: Collagen Peptide is a component of the substance to maintain the elasticity of blood vessels, collagen will surround the blood vessel wall, giving a protective coat to the vessel wall and increasing the elasticity of blood vessels. Insufficient collagen will lead to the aging and hardening of blood vessels, which will lose flexibility and elasticity and easily cause atherosclerosis and hypertension, etc. Oral collagen can quickly and effectively increase the elasticity of the blood vessel walls and prevent diseases such as atherosclerosis.

Promote human metabolism: collagen is important for maintaining normal physiological functions of human body, keeping life vitality and slowing down aging. Nowadays, it is found that there are more than 13 kinds of collagen distributed throughout the body, and different kinds are distributed in various organs and internal organs to play different roles. The various symptoms caused by human aging are the performance of collagen metabolism decline, so it is very important to stimulate the metabolism of collagen.

Bone strength: When the body lacks collagen, it is not easy to fix calcium, so calcium loss cannot be improved, which in turn affects bone density and causes osteoporosis. Therefore, proper replenishment of collagen, which is inevitably lost by the body, to accommodate inorganic and organic substances such as calcium, will definitely help prevent the occurrence of osteoporosis or the healing of injured areas after the onset of the disease.

Lubricant for joints: Osteoarthritis is one of the main conditions caused by the lack of organic matter in bone, also known as degenerative arthritis. The reason for this is that as the body ages, the organism's organs degenerate and its ability to produce collagen is insufficient. Cartilage has an important cushioning role for joints, which are covered by flexible cartilage. And 50% of cartilage is collagen.

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