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Elastin and Elastin Peptides

Sep. 27, 2020

At present, many people don't know much about elastin or elastin peptides, and don't know what they are? What is the difference compared with collagen? Which is better? Let's get to know the Elastin Suppliers briefly!

First of all, it is stated that like collagen peptides are derived from collagen, elastin peptides are derived from elastin. Studies have shown that these peptides have a certain degree of skin repair and increase moisturizing factors.

What is elastin?

Elastin is a very important hard protein. Although its distribution in the human body is not as extensive as collagen, it is abundantly present in mammalian lungs, aorta, skin and other tissues and organs that are often deformed by force. It is because elastin can provide the tissues and organs with the ability to resist repeated compression and deformation. Therefore, compared with collagen, its biggest feature is that the structure and properties of elastin are very very stable. It is neither easy to be dissolved nor easily degraded. It is also elastic and can stretch several times its original length.

Elastin in the skin

Human skin is composed of skin epidermis, skin dermis and subcutaneous tissue. Elastin is located in the dermis of the skin and exists between the intercellular spaces of the dermis. Together with collagen and other extracellular matrix, it maintains the stability of the tissue structure and mainly provides cells. The adhesion and support between the skin and its strong elasticity and elasticity are also important reasons for maintaining skin elasticity. In fact, elastin is not naked. It is wrapped by a substance called microfibers to form elastic fibers to play a role. This structure contains about 90% elastin.

Elastin Peptide

Elastin Peptide

Skin aging

Skin aging can be roughly divided into natural aging (that is, getting older) and photoaging (mainly referring to ultraviolet radiation). In the natural aging process, the elastic fibers in the body will be degraded. Although elastic fiber is particularly stable, there is still an enzyme in the human body that can degrade it, called elastase. This enzyme is inhibited when we are young. As we get older, there are fewer and fewer inhibitors that can inhibit elastase. At the same time, the activity of elastase will become stronger and stronger. Therefore, this This balance is gradually destroyed, and the elastic fibers are gradually degraded under the action of elastase.

Why does ultraviolet radiation cause the degradation of elastic fibers? This is because ultraviolet radiation can cause the degeneration of elastic fibers, which leads to their easy degradation; more importantly, ultraviolet radiation causes local blood vessel dilation, congestion and even inflammation in the skin, and white blood cells in the body will gather and secrete elastase, which accelerates the elastic fibers.的degradation.

Similar to collagen peptides, elastin peptides are degradation products of elastin and are also a mixture.

Compared with collagen, elastin has a scarce source of raw materials. At the same time, elastin is stable in nature and very difficult to degrade, which increases the production cost of elastin peptides. This is why real elastin peptides are much more expensive than collagen peptides. ! At present, studies have confirmed that Elastin Peptide have the effects of promoting skin damage repair, vascular regeneration and promoting the proliferation of fibroblasts (elastin is mainly secreted by cells).

Elastin peptides: precious raw materials, patented extraction

Elastin peptides are very precious. They are extracted from the heart arterial ball tissue of the deep-sea bonito fish in the South Pacific. They retain the iconic amino acids of elastin—catenin and isocatenin. These two amino acids are the key to keeping the skin elastic and healthy. Therefore, the elastin in the arterial bulb of bonito is the best, and the elastin in the arterial bulb of bonito is the best source of elastin peptide because of its high quality and high quality. At the same time, elastin peptides are extracted using patented technology with very high purity. Because the heart arterial ball tissue of deep-sea bonito is very small, and the patented technology is used to remove impurities and collagen, and retains high-purity, identifiable elastin peptides, the price of elastin peptides is much higher than that of collagen peptides.

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