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Bovine Collagen:How it Can Help You Improve Your Health

Apr. 19, 2021

Bovine Collagen is a form of collagen that comes from cows. Bovine collagen can come in different forms and contains both type I and type III collagen. Learn more about what bovine collagen is and why supplementing with bovine collagen can provide significant health benefits for your skin, joints, intestines, and in fact, your entire body.

Bovine Collagen

Bovine Collagen

What is bovine collagen?

Bovine collagen, or beef collagen, includes both type I and Type III Collagen. From the name, you may have guessed that bovine collagen comes from cows. This type of collagen can be made into two different edible forms: the gelatin form and the peptide or hydrolyzed form. Bovine collagen is now widely consumed around the world as scientists and consumers alike experience the powerful health benefits it provides for our skin, intestines, joints and more.

Health benefits of bovine collagen

1. You'll probably sleep better!

No one likes a sleepless night - it provides for a slow day's sleep. As the most abundant amino acid in collagen, glycine is an immune nutrient that promotes deeper sleep, which means it also helps in you getting a more restorative sleep. Previous human studies have shown that subjects who took collagen before bedtime had better sleep quality and less fatigue the next day. The same results have been found in animal studies. So what does this all mean? Bovine collagen could be your new natural sleep aid!

2. Say "hello" to a happier, healthier gut!

Using collagen to promote gut health is a pretty popular route for a reason: the essential amino acids in collagen benefit your gastrointestinal system. This includes your stomach, your intestines and your stomach lining. Glycine increases levels of stomach acid, an important digestive fluid that is produced in the stomach, thus improving overall digestion. Collagen in general also has a healing effect on the gastrointestinal tract. Because of the increased stomach acid levels, bovine collagen can help prevent and soothe GERD, inflammatory bowel disease, leaky gut syndrome and heartburn.

3. Bovine collagen can treat osteoarthritis.

As we mentioned earlier, collagen can be found in our bones and joints, so there is a growing body of research revealing that bovine collagen can help treat bone and joint disorders, one of which is osteoarthritis. Collagen can also be found in cartilage, and it can help reduce pain in people who suffer from osteoarthritis, meaning that cartilage is worn down and causing pain, because it may strengthen the physical cartilage itself.

4. Your skin will thank you.

In case you haven't noticed, collagen tends to benefit the body parts it's made up of. Considering that it makes up 70% of our skin, it's no surprise that supplementing with collagen helps improve the quality of your skin. Collagen helps fight the signs of aging, from helping reduce wrinkles, smoothing out puffiness and scars, and helping reduce cellulite for softer, more youthful skin. Skin elasticity and moisture are significantly improved. Collagen has so many benefits for your skin - collagen is your skin's best friend.

Because collagen is such an integral part of the skin, many people also use collagen for hair growth and other hair-related benefits!

5. You'll feel lighter on your feet before and after your workout!

Bovine collagen can help before or after a workout. Type I and III collagen, which make up bovine collagen, will help you feel a significant improvement in muscle recovery. Collagen helps build muscle and repair tissue. If you consume bovine collagen before and after exercise, your tendons and ligaments will be well supported - meaning you'll recover faster after depleting your body in any way.

While on the subject of exercise, collagen also helps spare other proteins when your blood sugar is low. This means that when you need energy to burn and you have low blood sugar, collagen can be used as a good substitute to spare those vital muscle tissues. In addition, bovine collagen may help you stay fuller longer, which can be helpful for those seeking to lose weight.

6. Bovine collagen can also be your new natural topical treatment!

Imagine that! Bovine collagen has been reported to help with a number of common external problems, including anal itching and itching symptoms caused by hemorrhoids. It can also help improve acne, though this is a benefit whether you consume the collagen or apply it directly to problem spots in the form of a cream.

7. Collagen is vital to our entire body

Collagen is found in our stomach lining, bones, joints, tendons, hair and nails.

Regular proteins are used to build muscle tissue, make enzymes and other body chemicals, and serve as building blocks for bones, skin, blood and muscles. Collagen is specifically used to repair all parts of our body, including the largest organ: the skin. Wear and tear is no joke, and collagen is the protein that knows this and can fix it wherever it is needed.

Is there something wrong with our body's collagen? As we reach our twenties, our natural collagen production begins to slow down and declines dramatically with age. In fact, collagen production subsequently declines by 23% per year. Therefore, while our bodies continue to use and need collagen, we are not replenishing it at the same rate as we did when we were younger. This can become a big problem considering that collagen keeps our teeth, hair, bones, eyelashes, skin and joints looking young and maintaining their optimal strength. One way to restore collagen is to supplement with bovine collagen

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