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The Role of Collagen Peptides

Mar. 09, 2021

Here is the role of collagen peptides shared by Collagen Peptides Suppliers

Collagen Peptides

Collagen Peptides

Collagen peptides make the skin firmer and more elastic

After the Collagen Peptide enters the human body, it reaches the basal layer of the skin through blood circulation, compensates for the loss, and greatly enhances the protective function of the skin. The basement membrane of the epidermis is tightly combined with the collagen in the dermis, tightly wrapping the hair root sebaceous glands and cells in the dermis, making the dermis appear wavy, and also making the original collapse of the epidermis propped up, causing gentle fluctuations and reducing skin wrinkles , Make skin and muscles elastic

Collagen peptides make bones tougher

The ratio of collagen peptide to elastin content in the dermis is about 45:1, while the collagen content in bone accounts for about 20%. In skin and bone, collagen is the main protein component. If calculated by the mass of total protein in bone, 80% is collagen. Because it contains collagen, the bones and teeth are hard, but also elastic and tough

The bones and muscles can be connected to each other, but also rely on collagen, and the collagen here is called tendon. The bone-to-bone connection parts, such as knees, joints and other cartilage tissues, are also mainly composed of collagen, which makes the bones and muscles soft and elastic during exercise.

After a person is 35 years old, proper supplementation of collagen peptides can make bones and muscles tough and elastic, reduce the appearance of osteoporosis, and reduce the risk of fractures.

The health effects of peptides on the human body

Inhibition-inhibit cell degeneration and enhance human immunity.

Activation-activate cell activity, effectively remove free radicals harmful to the human body.

Repair-repair human degenerated cells and improve cell metabolism.

Promote-promote and maintain the normal metabolism of cells.

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