Market support

Technical support of system specialty
Sheng Meinuo to provide customers with detailed professional products and related technical support, customers solve various technical problems in product development, process, products used in the experimental sample;
Practical and flexible formula support
Sheng Meinuo provide application support to customers formula, especially in the early stage of the small and medium-sized customer support, through continuous development and application of formula of reserves and new formulation development support;
Far sighted information support
Sheng Meinuo always pay attention to application food, health products and cosmetics and other products, collect market information, analysis of product promotion cases, market oriented product development for the customer do prospective guide;
Quick and attentive demand response
Sheng Meinuo fully understand customer needs, always pay attention to other, insight into the customer, to provide satisfactory service to customers, to help customers seize every possible business opportunities;
Three dimensional high-end docking research
Sheng Meno occasional focus on the professional level, the invited experts, customers, consumers and the media seminars, the application of relevant technical exchanges, seminars, experimental data and formula released news spread.