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Focus on 2016FIC, SEMNL and you meet new products and new technology conference

Update :SEMNL   Time:2016年03月24日
From March 23, 2016 to 25, the twelfth session of the China international food additives and Ingredients Exhibition Conference and the twenty-sixth session of the national food additive production and Application Technology Exhibition (FIC 2016) will be held in Shanghai International Exhibition center. During the exhibition, Beijing Sheng Meinuo Biotechnology Co., Ltd. in 24, 09:15-12:00 in the M7-04 conference room for new products and new technology conference, very honored to be invited to the Zhang Guifeng Process Engineering Research Institute of China as we do about the synthesis and application research progress report, at the same time, collagen peptide, research director Dr. Wang Haiyan, I also give a analysis on the effect of collagen and its market report for everyone.
Welcome friends from all walks of life, new and old customers.
Time: March 24, 2016 09:15-12:00
Address: National Convention Center M7-04 conference No. 333 Shanghai Songze Avenue (between 7 rooms, hall 8)